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Petition for Wales to have devolved control over Crown Estate in Wales

Nearly 10,000 people have signed a petition for Wales to have devolved control of just over £603M of Crown Estate land in Wales. At the...

A walk around Swansea on a gloomy day

A video showing a walk around Swansea on a gloomy day. Video from youtube channel: This is Swansea

Edward George Bowen – pioneer of radar

Edward George Bowen (nickname Taffy) was born on January 14, 1912 in Cockett, Swansea. He was responsible for inventing and developing radar between 1935...

Kenfig Natural Nature Reserve – Destroyed by bikes

Kenfig natural nature reserve has made photos showing how bikes have torn up the land causing devastation. This is not how you should treat a...

Christopher Kapessa death – family appealing for justice

Death of Christopher Kapessa Christopher Kapessa died at the age of 13 in the River Cynon on 1 July 2019. Family and representatives said the police...

Swansea Mines – Painting exhibition by Jeffrey Phillips

A collection of beautiful paintings by Jeffrey Phillips for a future Swansea Mines exhibition. Click on any image to enlarge.